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Wagging My Tongue for PSB

4 Sep

Now that the hazy halo of Hawai’i has had a chance to lose it’s sparkle, it’s time to dust off Mistress Pineapple’s sexy-voice and get back to some NSFW blogging.

So far, life in paradise has been relatively tame.  I’ve done the obligatory tour of Dole Plantation, somehow gotten a tan, met a group of amazing people in the Chinatown performing arts scene, and have been holding down a respectable job for the past month.  The weather is unbeatable, the Hawaiian language is getting easier to pronounce, and the way that people give directions based solely on landmarks is beginning to make a bit more sense.  I’d say I’m pretty well adjusted.

But where are the sexy bits? Where is the juice!  Fear not, my dear reader, I’m getting to that.

It all started this morning when my lover and I were trying to make the most of the hour before he needed to jet off to work.  There’s nothing like some conflicting schedules and busy weeks to set the scene for some Saturday afternoon romance.  Despite the fact that I was in a rotten mood for no particular reason, I was not about to let this slip through my fingers.

My lover made the thrilling descent towards my lady bits and began the seductive ritual of tongue in vulva.   But, something was off.  My lover is a passionate and skilled man, but the fact of the matter is, cunnilingus is more of a special for us, than a regular menu item.  Teaching your partner how to tend to your lady bits with his or her mouth is a long and arduous process, especially when you’re in a bad mood.

First off, nobody likes to be told that they’re doing something wrong while they’re in the sexy zone (unless you’re doing some BDSM play, in which case carry on). Alas, it can’t be helped.  Everybody’s got some complicated machinery down there and it takes a little lesson planning to get things right. Just because I enjoy giving fellatio and I have a number of tools in my kit doesn’t mean that I can skip the trial and error phase with a new partner to figure out what they like.

As our spirits were dropping, my lover made an observation that I later found echoed in my sex bible, The Guide To Getting It On.  Sex (and oral sex in particular) is a very mental act and if you’re pushing the wrong kinds of buttons, nothing is going to be getting off.  In other words, leaving the mental “sexy zone” to instruct can be frustrating and you both need to be patient.

So, what have I learned today?  Well, don’t attempt to instruct your partner in advanced sexual acts when you’re incredibly grumpy. Oh, and taking a hiatus from Pineapple Sex Bomb results in an excessively long post upon my return. Happy Sexing!




Introducing Ms. Sex eLibrarian

19 May

As some of you may know, I’ll be moving to Honolulu in a little over a month.  Everything I own – with the exception of two suitcases worth of the necessities – will be going into storage.  I didn’t realize how materialistic I’d become until I started shoving my MASSIVE book collection into boxes and ended up crying in the middle of my floor. (Dramatic? Why yes, I tend to be that way.)

SO, like an adult I’ve decided to make an adventure out of this hiatus from my book collection (okay maybe that’s not terribly grown up of me but just roll with it).  Over the next two years I’ll be attempting only to amass books which relate to my (hopefully) future field of study and current area of interest: SEX.  Using my EPIC research and writing skills, so tenderly cultivated as an undergraduate, I’ll be posting my learnings here.

Ideally I would like this to evolve into a discussion forum for books on sexuality, sexual health, erotica, pornography, stripping, prostitution and anything else the talented masses can come up with and publish.  As I begin new books for review I’ll post their title in my twitter so you can follow along or just read a summary before my review is posted.   Some of the time I’m going to be WAY behind the times (I’m reading the Story of O right now) but I figure if I haven’t read it, someone else hasn’t either.

Suggestions?  Feedback? Shoot me a sassy email at pineapplesexbomb@gmail.com.

Saving It

26 Apr

I’ve been getting a bit of flack through the grapevine lately and since I’m incapable of letting things go, I’ve been dwelling on it.  Coming into this relationship with my military sweetheart, I knew that the views of his coworkers and fellow soldiers would be somewhat more conservative than his or mine.  I also knew that being involved with one of the army’s men would include me in the tightly woven community that’s formed on any military installation.  Knowing all of that it should have come as no surprise to learn that our decision to remain unmarried and rent an apartment together has met with some opposition.

I respect the differing opinions about when it’s appropriate to live with a romantic interest and I won’t lie, I definitely form an opinion when someone tells me that they’re saving themselves for marriage.  But why am I choosing not to save my “living with a boy cherry” until marriage?  Well first off, I popped that cherry (I’m nearing my one year anniversary of breaking it off with my previous live-in boyfriend).  And I can safely say that it’s a damn good thing that I didn’t decide to marry him before we lived together.  All the things I thought would change – his magpie/hobo/packrat tendencies, cranky mornings, and low libido – never did.

In all truthfulness, I have wanted to get married.  My modern sexuality and independence have no say when it comes to the old school Romantic residing in my head.  Getting married would make most of the practical aspects of my move to Honolulu disappear.  But my amazingly practical partner and I both know that the emotional stress of marrying one another after less than a year of long distance dating would be overbearing.  In the end, we just want to be together.  Sure, relocating my life (and books) across an ocean is a huge ordeal.  But if we are half as happy together as I think we will be, it’ll all have been worth it.

So, I hate to offend . . . well maybe I don’t actually.  But this is just the way it is.  My old school romance is taking a back seat on this one and letting her wild and crazy sister, Spontaneity take the wheel.  I can’t wait until they find out I’m bisexual.  And poly . . .