New Read: The Mistress Manual

30 May

I’m trying to keep things kinky with my next book, The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Dominance.  I’ve never had the honor of working with or disciplining a sub, but I thought I should probably learn the ins and outs of the Dominatrix trade before I start whipping some poor, unsuspecting sub.

Mistress Lorelei (named for Germany’s siren of the Rhine River) works as a freelance writer and editor when she’s not flogging up a storm.  Her website (also titled The Mistress Manual) covers a range of topics on which she offers her opinions, experiences, and advice.

The Mistress Manual deals with “Domestic Discipline” as opposed to “Leather”.  Domestic Discipline (DD) appears to differ from Leather in that the former focuses on pain as punishment and the latter on pain as pleasure.  Though the two can overlap, DD appears to be a more subdued form of Leather with an emphasis on humiliation.  I’ve never come across this term before, but I hope to be better equipped to provide a definition once I’ve finished Mistress Lorelei’s book.

If you’d like to follow along (and make my life MUCH more exciting by giving me some lovely people to discuss the book with when I’m finished) you can buy it here.  (The ebook version is only $9.99 guys!).


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