Currently Reading…

24 May

…a slightly scandalous book.  Put away your bibles and take a deep breath before you get sassy.

Ms. Sex eLibrarian is currently reading Living M/s: A Book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships by Dan and dawn Williams.  Lacking an understanding of a power exchange lifestyle and the ways in which kink, BDSM, and leather can play a constant role in the day to day lives of normal people, the Librarian has decided to enlighten herself.  She is not interested in entering into a total power exchange relationship, nor is she entertaining the idea of donning a permanent collar.  But please remember that there would be nothing wrong with her doing so if that were her intention.

If you’re terribly scandalized, in all honesty you’re probably reading the wrong blog.  You can either go buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to sooth the pain, wait until my review is posted, or read the darn book yourself before forming an opinion.

If you’d like to follow along and read about the happy Master/slave marriage of Dan and dawn, you can find their book here.  The Librarian and I look forward to discussing it with you (or rambling on endlessly to an empty room) so break out those bookmarks and put on your sexy reading glasses because things are about to get a lot less vanilla.


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