She Bop Trip & New Toys

20 May

Having waited patiently all week for my day off, it finally arrived with sunshine and a light breeze.  I finished the portrait that’s been haunting me and hopped on a bus to She Bop (because what better way for a hard-working barista to spend her day off than buying toys for her sexy bits?).

She Bop was just as fantastic this time around as the last.  They helped me pick out this lube after sampling all the fancy bottles.  It feels like oil (which is what I was initially expecting with lube) and is made from glycine soya, which means you can use it with latex because it’s made from soy bean oil. I will definitely be combining this wonderful massage oil-like purchase with a fantastic new erotica collection tonight….

As for the toy, I bought something excessively glittery.  Le Boyfriend and I have been tossing around the idea of anal sex and I figure I’ve got about a month before I meet up with him on Oahu so I bought this little something to get used to the idea.  I’ve done the dirty from the back door a few times in the past, but it’s never been the most comfortable experience.  At this point, I’m chalking that up to a lack of experience and research.  Updates to follow.

So that’s been my sexy day.  Got a little more of Story of O read on the bus today and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have a review from Ms. Sex eLibrarian by the end of next week.  Stay tuned, my sexy readers!


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