Introducing Ms. Sex eLibrarian

19 May

As some of you may know, I’ll be moving to Honolulu in a little over a month.  Everything I own – with the exception of two suitcases worth of the necessities – will be going into storage.  I didn’t realize how materialistic I’d become until I started shoving my MASSIVE book collection into boxes and ended up crying in the middle of my floor. (Dramatic? Why yes, I tend to be that way.)

SO, like an adult I’ve decided to make an adventure out of this hiatus from my book collection (okay maybe that’s not terribly grown up of me but just roll with it).  Over the next two years I’ll be attempting only to amass books which relate to my (hopefully) future field of study and current area of interest: SEX.  Using my EPIC research and writing skills, so tenderly cultivated as an undergraduate, I’ll be posting my learnings here.

Ideally I would like this to evolve into a discussion forum for books on sexuality, sexual health, erotica, pornography, stripping, prostitution and anything else the talented masses can come up with and publish.  As I begin new books for review I’ll post their title in my twitter so you can follow along or just read a summary before my review is posted.   Some of the time I’m going to be WAY behind the times (I’m reading the Story of O right now) but I figure if I haven’t read it, someone else hasn’t either.

Suggestions?  Feedback? Shoot me a sassy email at


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