No Facebook Love

18 May

Since I can’t seem to coax anyone to follow me on facebook and I’m way too damn stubborn to abandon it, I’m taking this opportunity to share the links I’ve been posting there (there are only a couple).

Apparently my first link about the secret sex lives of teachers was deleted.  I managed to find a copy of the article here. Select quotation: “As a friend who used to teach told me: ‘It’s pretty shitty, honestly: We have a pay scale that relies on teachers to be altruists. Now they have to be nuns, too? Bullshit!”

This post spoke to a lot of what I’ve been wondering about in the fetish/bdsm community lately.  I think I’ve already linked it, but I”m taking this opportunity to post it again.

It’s way better to be curvy and alive than skinny and dead.  Read the snarky piece here.

This is just cute and needs no introduction (except to say the blog is entitled “Quizzical Pussy”… which is just cute).

They call this woman “VaJesus”.  Needless to say, I am IN LOVE with her.  Choice quotation: “”Personally, I have no problem with talking about sperm and Viagra, but if I have to get caught explaining an erectile dysfunction commercial to my four year old, shouldn’t we be allowed to talk about vaginas?” (Thank you, Lady Teacup, for the link!).

That should sum it up!


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