Sliquid Organics Test Run

14 May

Last night, a lover and I finally introduced a fancy new lube into the bedroom.  (Yipee!)  Since it was my first real bottle of lube, I don’t have a whole lot to compare it with, but it was definitely worth the mini-splurge.

At first I thought the gel was drying up a bit too fast (and unfortunately it turned slightly tacky when it did so), but after adding a couple extra dabs I realized I just hadn’t put enough on to begin with. At the time of purchase, I didn’t know this lube was made to be thicker to facilitate anal sex (and I’ll definitely be trying it with that in the future) but my partner and I pretty much just stuck to the basics.

The gel was completely odorless and very smooth to the touch.  In the shower, we found out it was a total breeze to clean off.  Also in it’s favor, this lube is totally vegan and organic and great if you’ve got allergies.  The bottle is 100% RECYCLABLE and the label was printed on partially recycled paper (yeah, yeah, call me a hippy all you want). All in all, this Sliquid Organic Gel was a treat.

My next purchase will be a silicone or combo lube (even though I won’t be able to use my little silicone vibe with it. More incentive to buy one of the glass dildos I’ve been drooling over!).  I’d like to find out how different brands and blends compare in longevity to this water based version.  I think I expected something on the oilier side when it came to lube.  Alas, much like the endless search for the ultimate shampoo or vibrator, finding the perfect lube for every occasion will doubtless prove to be a quest of epic proportions.  I can hardly wait!


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