Lubity Lube Links

10 May

It seems that lately lube is being advertised as the hottest accessory out there.   No matter which blog or magazine I’m perusing, lube is hopping off the page at me.  I’m beginning to wonder just what I’m missing . . .

Timaree’s interview with a spicy sex toy reviewer got me thinking about it (and if you’ve never listened to one of her podcasts, you’re really missing out).  Then I picked up a copy of Cosmo and was surprised to find a page of sexy tricks to do with your lube.  As an artist, the idea of dipping an expensive paintbrush in lube and painting your partner with it is just naughty enough to tempt me.  The icing on the cake was reading SheBop’s Lube101.

I ended up buying an organic Sliquid option.  Since I haven’t had a chance to give it a good playing with, here are some more fun ways to think about lube:

An A-Mazing website full of community reviews (my new favorite online sex toy store).  Just click the lube that looks cute to you and read what your fellow sexy masturbaters have to say about it!

A frilly piece on the frustrations of not getting wet enough.

And finally, this one isn’t strictly about lube, but it’s from Sex with Timaree and it talks about cotton snatch and alcohol consumption.  I friggin’ love that blog.


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