At Home in the Erotica Section

30 Apr

It’s the coveted day off and all I want is a nice, juicy read.  Sure, I’m in the middle of Skinny Legs and All, but nothing says relaxation like a leisurely trip to the bookstore.  Rolling up to the Temple of Pages, I’m feeling pretty fine in my sexy Rosie the Riveter getup.  Ah, the smell of musty books;  Hello, Aphrodesia.

After a quick trip to the history section and a breeze through the fiction/lit room, I’m ready for something hotter and I know just where to find it.  Ducking into the erotica aisle, not bothering to avoid the stares of the info desk attendants, I feel vaguely scandalous.

I remember a time when stepping into the romance and erotica section of a bookstore would send chills up my spine.  So dirty, so dangerous, so inappropriate.  Today it’s no big deal.  Sure, it makes me a little more conscious of the visibility of my hands and nobody can shop for erotica without getting at least slightly turned on, so there’s that.  But I’m not afraid of being discovered with a copy of Slutty Lesbians 2 open in my hands.

So why is it that I rarely seen another person browsing for erotica?  Are they afraid of me?  Are they afraid of being found out?  Everybody jerks it.  Some people like to read erotica to each other and then jerk it.  I like to flag passages that turn me on so I know what to try when the boyfriend gets home.

I left the store with some Marquis de Sade.  Go out and buy yourself some erotica. Or write some.  Or email some to your sweetheart.  Nothing says love like a hot off the press fantasy.


2 Responses to “At Home in the Erotica Section”

  1. Miriam 1. May 11 at 07:11 #

    I work at the circulation desk of my school’s library and I often find interesting books that people turn in, so I check them out. One time I found this awesome-looking book of lesbian erotica so I got it. At the exit desk of the library, you have to give them all your books so they can check if the books have a charge slip (meaning they’re checked out to you) or not. I felt kinda funny giving it to the older lady sitting at the desk, but whatever. :)

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