Shameless: A Review

29 Apr

Pamela Madsen’s book made me rethink my life.  Okay, okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic (even for me) but dramatics aside, it was a truly excellent piece that could move even the most frigid nun out of the convent.  The gumption, courage, and outright kick-assery that it took to produce Shameless are the puzzle pieces I needed to start this blog.  If Madsen, fertility activist, wife, mother, and moral badass can document her journey to sexual discovery and inspire the liberation of others in doing so, then perhaps my sexual eccentricities on this blog can do the same.  BUT! Enough about my blathering, and on to the review!

First off, if the idea of a sassy New York mama getting her juicy butt smacked by a gay man in a sarong doesn’t do anything to pique your interest, I’d pass this one by.  Witty, rambunctious, and sometimes ridiculous, Madsen’s journey is full of color.  It’s hard for me to judge the racy factor and I haven’t had a gag reflex in five years, but as far as I can tell this book is spot-on sexy.

Shameless is an afternoon of fruity cocktails with your girlfriends, laced with intrigue and studded with a challenge to try these feats for yourself.  And trust me, you’ll want to.  Unfortunately for most of us who aren’t wealthy and successful business women, some of the details are a tad unattainable, but the intention is there. With no judgements and nothing held back, you’ll be looking for your own sexual retreat before you turn the last page.

There are parts of this book that aren’t for the faint of heart.  If you’ve never even thought of buying a pair of handcuffs (or aren’t thinking of it now that I mentioned it) you definitely will be when you finish reading.  Or we’ll all be disappointed in you.

So, anyhow, I HATE when reviewers give away too much of the book. And if you’re thinking, “She didn’t give away anything at all…this is bullshit!” then take a hike and read the book yer darn self!  Hope I got your mouth watering.


2 Responses to “Shameless: A Review”

  1. Pamela Madsen 9. May 11 at 00:14 #

    Dear Pineapple Sex Bomb:
    Your review has made me grin from ear to ear! I am so glad that you enjoyed my romp! I enjoyed your review! It made me laugh out loud!
    Shamelessly Yours,
    Pamela Madsen

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