Morning Sex and the Hormone That Makes It Awesome

19 Apr

Chances are, most of you have experienced the groggy explosion of morning sex at one time or another.  And if you’re like me, a sexy naked person is just about the only thing capable of getting you out of bed in the morning.  So, aside from the obvious, why is morning sex so darn hot?

I’m not actually the first person to ask this (big surprise) and luckily the people who are answering this question are scientists!  According to them, the hormone oxytocin is at higher levels in the brain in the mornings, which makes this the best time for bonding with a partner.  This begs the question, what the deuce is oxytocin and what kind of sexy business is it doing in my brain?

I read a delicious summary of a study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco about oxytocin.  Because this is a blog and you read it so that you don’t have to read what other people have to say in their long winded essays, I’ll give you a mini-summary of their summary.

Basically, oxytocin is already used to induce labor during birth and plays a role in pair bonding in the animal kingdom.  This hormone is produced during massage and sexual orgasm in men and women.  While this study focused only on women between the ages of 23 – 35,  they concluded that oxytocin plays a role in adult bonding.  Women who had higher levels of this hormone when recalling a positive experience in a relationship claimed that they were better at being alone and setting boundaries.  Women who’s oxytocin levels dropped when recalling negative emotional relationships reported having greater difficulties with anxiety in relationships.

To me it seems kind of Pavlovian.  Person has orgasm. Person likes orgasm.  Person likes person who gives them orgasm.  But isn’t it cool that this feeling is heightened in the morning because of our hormone levels?

So that’s why we crave the morning nookie.  Well, that and there’s just no better way to start the day than with a nice juicy orgasm with your honey.


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