Moving to Honolulu

14 Apr

Portland is rainy today.  I’ve been assured that Honolulu is just as wet as the Oregon city I’ve come to love and call home and maybe that will make the transition easier for me.  Or maybe it will just make me homesick.  There’s no way of knowing just yet.

So, why am I leaving?  Because I fell in love with a boy I’ve known all through college.  A boy that tried to get me out of my reclusivity as college freshman and failed miserably.  A boy who has always remained my friend even when I don’t deserve it.  He’s been in the military for the last few years as a computer guy (I’m not allowed to know exactly what he does).  We re-met and fell in love right before he was stationed in Hawaii back in September.

After seven months of long-distance loving, we’ve decided to take our relationship to the next level.  Since I’m not currently in school and I’ll be leaving my job as a full time barista at the end of spring anyway, it’s a reasonable step to make.  Did I mention that we’re in love?

I’m happy and terrified in the same breath and I think I finally realize what it’s like to have cold feet. Stubborn as ever, I’ve decided that I’ll take the plunge regardless of these last-minute panic attacks.  As my boss put it when I broke the news, “You will regret this for the rest of your life if you don’t go.”  I’m sure that he’s right.

Honolulu, here I come!  Watch out art stores, sex shops, cafes, and hipsters.  The next two years are for you (then Portland has to take me back).  I’m hoping for feminist sex shops, lesbian bars, burlesque shows, and bondage.  If anyone reading this can hook me up with an alternative news source or some sexy sex blogs that come from the islands, I’d be eternally grateful.

This move is, and always will be, about a boy.  If things don’t work out, then they don’t work out and I come back home.  But either way I’ve got to have something to keep me busy while I’m out there.  After reading  Shameless I’ve been inspired to go to workshops and work on my contributions to the field of sex positives.  I’m sure that if Oahu doesn’t already have a bumpin’ sex culture, it’s going to have one before I leave.


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