Know Your Lady Bits

14 Apr

In the last few days, I’ve thought about my vulva more than any normal person should.  I don’t mean that I’ve been obsessing about the way it looks (A lot of women worry about that. Don’t).  I’ve been thinking about touching it.

Masturbation is a healthy part of sex and while I’ve never had a hard time touching my clitoris, I’ve never been comfortable or aroused by putting my fingers inside my vagina.  In fact, up until recently I found it slightly gross.  Don’t get me wrong, the sensation of having it done to me is excellent.  But when it came down to doing the deed myself, I balked.

How could a sexually liberated woman who is almost completely without boundaries have trouble putting her fingers inside her vagina?

It’s simple: I never had the need to.

Condoms provided me with a birth control method that kept my cervix and I amicably separated.  Pads kept my uterus from causing mayhem and enabled me to deal with the blood once it had been separated from my body.  But when I switched my birth control method to the diaphragm, I suddenly had an incentive to get comfortable with my vagina and quick.  Inserting my diaphragm correctly is an integral part of not getting pregnant, and it takes a bit of finesse.

Am I crazy for having worried that a tampon could get lost up in the labyrinthine recesses of my insides? Maybe a little.  But realizing that I can reach up and touch my cervix has been like uncovering the rest of the map in a video game;  I know where the boundaries are and I can start to explore what’s going on in there for myself.

So take a minute and get to know your vulva if you haven’t already.

Has anyone else made some recent discoveries about her vagina?  Bought a new sex toy? Found a new way to masturbate?  Leave it in the comments or shoot me an email!  Maybe you’ll help someone else get a little more comfortable with her lady bits in the process.


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