Journey to the Center of my Period

12 Apr

I’m 23 years old, and before yesterday I had never used a tampon.  After 10 grueling years of  the monthly slasher flick in my pants, I finally made the switch. Damn it feels good.

It was Sunday morning and my plans for an after work hot tubbing were crashing down around me as I felt the telltale trickle between my legs.  Swimming has never been a huge part of my life so it never bothered me when I had to cancel my pool plans because of a visit from Aunt Flo, but missing the hot tub after the hellish week I’ve had was just not an option.

Gathering my courage, I set off for the grocery store.  Before leaving, my best friend recommended tampons without applicators and made them sound like the absolute ONLY way to wear tampons and remain a badass, so I knew what I was looking for.  I grabbed the only brand I could find that didn’t come with the sterile plastic sticks (syringing something up my vag always makes me feel gross) and could barely make it home fast enough in all my excitement.

After carefully examining all the internet resources I could find for first time tampon users (all directed at teenagers, mind you) I made the plunge.  It was cake!  Since the diaphragm is a staple of my contraceptive plan I’m very comfortable finding my pubic bone and putting something behind it.

Tampons!  Where have you been all my life!

I pranced around naked!  I realized I could wear a lacy pair of panties!  I was not wearing what basically amounted to a diaper!

So, even though I bled through my first tampon in under three hours and my bathroom still looks like I murdered a small animal at the end of the night, I’m converted.  My tiny purse thanks me (now there’s room for my books even during my period).

I’m a sexy, liberated lady, and how I deal with my periods is definitely my choice.  I resisted leaving pads for a long time, despite all the prompting from my friends because it eventually became one of the things that made me quirky.  That’s why I felt I had to write this post; my switch is the end of an era and the beginning of something that will be very sexy (my favorite kind of change!). Naked Art Day will no longer be defined by my monthly cycle! Woo!

My next step? The menstrual cup.  Oh yeah.


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